Does your company hold any private bazaar sales and looking for interesting vendors? Here we are!

We have been participating in Club HDB corporate bazaars: Christmas bazaar, CNY bazaar etc. This time is their AGM bazaar, held concurrently with their SG traditions event! There were giveaway of Singapore traditional snacks and ice creams, features of traditional games (aeroplane chess!) and even live music! Unfortunately, I was too busy collecting and eating the snacks and ice cream that I forgot to take a picture of this vibrant event XD

Here’s our bazaar sales booth at their multipurpose hall:Club HDB bazaar

Here’s our friends from Crescendo BNI at the bazaar too:
Ola healthy snacks! All natural, organic and made in Singapore! Great for busy working adults for a quick bite or if you are working out and need a quick energy boost!Club HDB bazaar

Friends from Fu Yuan Tang TCM. They are offering complimentary reading there!Club HDB bazaar

Here’s Lazada top rated seller! Featuring various tea imported from US/Europe.Club HDB bazaar

And of course, yours truly, looking drunk XDClub HDB bazaar

The bazaar this time was pretty good for us, we saw a few regulars who purchased from us in their previous bazaars as well. Their organisation was good too, there were promo EDM to all their 5000+ staff and members. Featuring over 30 vendors as well with a great variety.

Hope to get invited to more of such corporate bazaars! ^^