Isetan Scotts Promo:
FREE Korean Wine Sampling!

Look out for FREE makgeolli, fruit wine & flavored soju sampling! Taste our NEW products!

At the area below at Liquor section.
8-11 Jun 2017, 1-7pm.
Price promotion for selected items.

Say hi to our friendly promoter!
Can you still find our Korean Wine? Its on the extreme right of liquor section, at the pillar in front of cashier!

Check out our NEW products at Isetan Scotts. FREE sampling available!


Chateulsoorok Peach Soju         Chateulsoorok MoscatoSoju

Volume: 360 ml                                             Volume: 360 ml
Alcoholic content: 14%                               Alcoholic content: 14%
2 for $27.90 / UP $29.80                              2 for $27.90 / UP $29.80


 (Korean: 소맥) is a mixture of 1 glass beer (맥주) and 1 glass soju (소주) popular among youth in South Korea. Want to do your own Somaek?
Check out our new Cass beer sets!

Sampling available!!!
Cass Beer 330ml x 6 

Volume: 330 ml x 6
Alcoholic content: 4.5%
$27.00 $21.00  only!
Single bottle sales available too

Price promotion for selected Makgeolli, fruit wines and soju!
Makgeolli: 2 for $29.90
Fruit wine: 2 for $32.00
Soju: 2 for $27.90

Cass Beer: 6 for $21.00 !!

@ Isetan Scotts – Shaw House 350 Orchard Road Singapore 238868


Matcha LOVE <3

Just a reminder, do you know that the famous Korean Green Tea Spread are listed at Isetan Scotts too? Do check them out for the weekend!


Feliz Green Tea Almond Spread        Osulloc Green Tea Milk Spread
250ml                     200ml

@ Isetan Scotts – Shaw House 350 Orchard Road Singapore 238868