On a rare occasion that a Japanese supermarket had a Korean fair? 😉

As some of you may know, Geonbae Korean wine has been listed at Isetan Scotts & Westgate supermarkets since 2013. They are the retailer to carry our widest range of products and we always support their events.

It’s our blessing and pleasure to participate in their Korean Fair at Isetan Westgate supermarket in Apr 2017. Thanks to our dear friend, Hahn, (whom I later got to know he’s the one to put it all together) who brought the various Korean F&B suppliers together.

Of course our Korean wine booth is attractive, hehe. But I’m surprised other booths are interesting as well!

isetan korean fair

Our Korean wine booth with friendly promoter Phyllis 🙂 She’s a really committed and responsible person, glad to be able to engage her to help out!isetan korean fair

This booth has pretty good  sales during the fair as well. Korean skincare products are still popular in Singapore!isetan korean fair

Even I want to buy this.. XDisetan korean fair

Fresh ginseng from Korea and the supplier came all the way from Korea to Singapore to promote this as well! Surprisingly good sales too!isetan korean fair

Something for the hippies..isetan korean fair

Our Korean wines were popular during the fair as well! Especially the flavored sojus. They are now listed in both Isetan supermarket outlets (Scotts & Westgate) so do grab them when you are around!

Our next promotion with Isetan will be at Isetan Scotts 8-11Jun 2017.
one new product will be listed there.. Stay tuned!!
Product initials is CB.. opps sounds wrong. Here it is ^^

Cass Fresh poster2

Got it?? Cass Beer!!