Korea Cheongju Pear & Snacks Promotion
@Emporium Shokuhin,
Marina Square 3-9Nov 2017

Cheonju city in Korea is known for its beautiful landscape against mountains and clear waters. With its fresh air, clean mineral water and rich mountainous nutrients, their fruits and food products are of fine and high quality. This time, we are pleased to bring some of their fresh sweet Singo Pears and other food items to Singapore. Join us to sample and enjoy their best selections:

• Seaweed/Laver of various flavors: Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Jeju Orange
• Tokpokki (Korean rice cake): Original, Carbonara, Mixed Sauce, Spicy
• Beverages: Every day of week tea, Juice extracts (Citron, Grapefruit, Lemon, Blueberry)
• Makgeolli: Chestnut, Hallabong
•  Korean Singo Pear


Sweet Korean Singo pears freshly imported and available at Emporium Shokuhin, Marina Square. Limited stocks only!
Sampling available 3-5Nov 


Sudden craving for Tokpokki (Korean rice cake) but too much hassle to cook them? Or need a quick late night supper? Here’s instant Tokpokki for you!
Available in 4 flavors:
– Original, Jajjang, Carbonara and Spicy ^^

Which flavor would be your favourite?


Korea’s Master Hee seaweed from the true master indeed! Give your seaweed an extra flavors with special ingredients added:
1. Seeds & Nuts      2. Curry flavor (!!!)     3. Shrimp        4. Original

“One can never get sick of seaweed snacks. They are just too addictive!”
What’s more, they come in new flavors from Korea:
– Traditional, Olive oil, Grapeseed oil, Jeju orange (WOW!)
& Kokoma suitable for children!


4 flavors of yummy fruits extract from Cheongju, Korea
– Citron, Grapefruit, Blueberry & Lemon.
Drinking instructions: 1. Pour a pack of ade into your glass, 2. Add ice cubes, 3. Add soda, 4. Enjoy your yummy fruity soda!

@ Emporium Shokuhin supermarket, Marina Square
3-9Nov 2017, while stocks last!
Sampling only available 3-5Nov. See you!


Happy Hour at Isetan Westgate!
3-4Nov 2017

More like Happy Day!
Because for 3-4Nov, for every purchase of Korean wine at Isetan Westgate, you get a free snack item, selection from the Korea Cheongju food items above!
Never miss this once in a blue moon promotion!

@Isetan Westgate supermarket B2, 3-4Nov
See you there!