Korean Wines and Liquor

Wine is an integral part of Korean culture and tradition. For centuries, Koreans have been producing and consuming a vast variety of alcoholic beverages. As such, it is common in Korea to pair your meals with a drink or two, especially when dining with family and friends.

In recent years, the popularity of Korean wines have spread globally with the rise in K-wave, especially across Asia. As people become more interested in Korean culture and tradition, they are gradually becoming aware of the numerous types of Korean alcoholic beverages produced in Korea.

The large variety of Korean alcoholic beverages ensures that there is something for everyone. We are proud to introduce the following types of wines to you:

Makgeolli (Rice Wine)
Fruit Wines
Gawler Wines

We strive to constantly bring new and interesting alcoholic beverages into Singapore and we hope you enjoy our selections. More products will be coming in soon, so keep a lookout for this space!

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