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Korean Raspberry


Bokbunja, also known as Korean Raspberry Wine, is made from Korean Black Raspberries. It is deep purple in colour and has a unique flowery aroma. Due to its strong flavour, the sweet and sour taste of blackberries is apparent from the beverage.
Bokbunja is usually paired with seafood such as broiled eel and sashimi.

Health Benefits

Bokboonja is rich in anti-oxidants and can help promote healthy skin as well as protection for the heart and liver. It is also believed to possess aphrodisiac qualities.

Korean Mulberry

Mulberry Wine

Mulberries have a unique taste and aroma which makes its sweetness unlike those of other berries. Its leaves are food for silkworms and the colour of the mulberries range from dark red to deep purple. The high concentration of mulberries in this beverage give it the unique sweetness and flavour of mulberries.

Health Benefits

Like many other berries, mulberries are rich in anti-oxidants, which can help boost our physical immune system. In addition, mulberries have blood restorative effects, making this beverage a healthy companion to any meal.

Korean Wild Grape

Wild Grapes Wine

Unlike red wine, Korean wild grapes wine is very sweet and the flavour of grapes is very pronounced. Made from wild grapes grown in Korea, the grapes are first pulped and then fermented before being bottled and sold.

Health Benefits

Wild grapes wine have similar health benefits as red wine, which is believed to have heart-boosting and anti-cancer effects when consumed in moderation. Its high level of anti-oxidants also help to boost immune levels.

Korean Plum Wine

Mae Sil Ju Plum Wine

Matchsoon wine, also known as plum wine, is made from Korean green plums. It is sweet and is very popular amongst women. Some brands of Mae Sil Ju leave the plums in the beverage which can be consumed as well.

Health Benefits

Mae Sil Ju is believed to aid digestion and help overcome fatigue.

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