Gawler Wine

Gawler is the oldest country town on the Australia mainland in the state of South Australia. It is part of the Outer Metro region of Greater Adelaide and serves as the gateway to the major wine producing district of Barossa. Gawler started as a mining and industrial city supporting the copper mines and heavy industry but today it plays a major part in the Barossa wine industry.

Gawler wines are sourced across South Australia but mainly from the renowned Barossa Valley, which is one of Australia’s oldest and most premier wine regions. The warm continental climate of the region result in the production of very ripe grapes. Barossa distinct style of old vine Shiraz is full bodied red wine with rich chocolate and spicy notes. Gawler is positioned in the heart of South Australia, the wine capital of Australia. This allows us to select the finest wines from across the state, from Clare Valley in the North to the Limestone Coast in the South.

Every bottle of Gawler wine is meticulously sourced from small family owned vineyards to major winery across South Australia. Gawler is driven by PASSION and uncompromising QUALITY but most of all we ENJOY what we do.

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