State-owned Nantou distillery, located in the county of Nantou, has been producing Omar Whisky since 2008. The word “Omar” means Amber in Gaelic Language. The distillery also produces different types of wine, brandy, rum and various fruit wines, but none is as famous as their single malt whiskies.

Taiwan’s sub-tropical climate makes whisky aging quicker as compared to Scotland. The temperature in Nantou range from about 20°C in winter to about 30°C in summer and the location is also relatively humid. The climate causes an estimated 6% to 7% of Angel’s share every year. These factors accelerates the aging of the liquid and extracts more flavours from the wood.

Omar’s core single malt whiskies are its bourbon cask and sherry cask whiskies, which have won many awards over the years at the international competitions. They are matured in American bourbon barrels and Spanish sherry casks respectively. They also release yearly cask strength editions from the different casks. What is interesting about this distillery is that they also use the different liqueur casks from their own production, such as plum, lychee, grape etc, to finish their single malt whiskies. This creates a different and interesting flavour profile for their whiskies.

Please note that some rust maybe present where the metallic lid and wooden tube interacts. The rust does not affect the flavours of the whisky in the tube. Thank you!

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