Soju Bomb Set

Jinro Soju Bomb Bundle (Jinro Green Grape Soju x 1, Chamisul x 1, Jinro Is Back x 1, Terra Beer 500ml x 3)

Soju Bomb Set 6 bottles soju/beer mix


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Make your own soju bomb with this set that gives you all you need to customize this easy-to-make cocktail! This unique set allows you to mix various combinations of this popular cocktail, so feel free to experiment to your liking!

Each set includes:

– Jinro Green Grape Soju x 1 Bottle (360ml Alc: 13%)
– Chamisul Soju x 1 Botte (360ml Alc: 16.9%)
– Jinro Is Back Soju x 1 Bottle (360ml Alc: 16.9%)
– Terra Beer x 3 Bottles (500ml Alc: 4.6%)

*Change of flavours for soju are not allowed

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