Hallabong Mandarin Makgeolli

Hallabong Mandarin Makgeolli

Volume: 750 ml
Alcohol content: 6%



This Hallabong Mandarin Makgeolli is made from the famous Hallabong Mandarin Oranges from Jeju Island, South Korea. It is best known for its sweetness and refreshing taste!

Health benefits: Contains Lactobacillus bacteria and dietary fiber which can aid digestion, improve immune function and slow the ageing process.

Food pairing: Tastes great on its own. It can also be paired with hot, spicy food especially when chilled.

Hallabong Mandarin Orange

Hallabong Mandarin Orange is Jeju’s most famous product and Korea’s favourite winter fruit. This citrus fruit is named after Mt. Halla and Gamgyul.

Hallabong orange is one of the sweetest orange and is more expensive than normal mandarin oranges.

It has a distinctive bump at the top and is commonly used to make Hallabong tea, makgeolli and even chocolate.

Hallabong mandarin orange is one of the recommended shopping item from Jeju Island, as recommended by Korea Tourism site:



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