Raspberry Makgeolli

Raspberry Makgeolli

Volume: 360 ml
Alcohol content: 7%


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This flavoured makgeolli is mixed with raspberry juice to give it a unique fruity twist. It tastes sweet and milky, with the fragrance of raspberries.

Health benefits: Lactobacillus bacteria and dietary fiber in Korean rice wines are known to aid digestion, improve immune function and slow the ageing process. This wine is also rich in anti-oxidants due to the raspberries.

Food pairing: This is usually used as a dessert wine as it is sweet and a popular choice for many.


  1. Michelle Tan

    Love it! Perfect for a night of friendly gathering or a housewarming gift! Love the fact that it is light for my gut but savory on my tastebuds! And the load of anti-oxidants 🙂

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