Makgeolli Set

A unique set of
all 4 rice wines

$56.40 $49.90


Sample and savour the different kinds of makgeolli and find your favourite!

Premium Icheon Makgeolli:
This rice makgeolli from Sejong Breweries is made from premium rice from Icheon, a city in South Korea. Rice is one of the famous local products from Icheon, known for its nutrient richness and soft taste.

Sterilized Makgeolli:
This makgeolli is popular for its low alcoholic content and sweet, milky taste. It can be drunk on its own, mixed in cocktails and can even be used in cooking!

Chestnut Makgeolli:
This chestnut-flavoured makgeolli from Sejong Breweries has a rich nutty flavour and a fragrant aroma. Its distinctiveness made it an official beverage in presidential functions and won it numerous awards.

Hallabong Makgeolli:
This flavoured makgeolli is mixed with Hallabong oranges from Jeju Island to give it a refreshing twist. It tastes sweet and milky, with the fragrance of oranges.

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