Bohae set

Fruit Wine Set

A unique set
of 2 premium Bohae Wines

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Try both premium offerings from Bohae and savour their delicious flavours!

Bohae Bokbunja (Raspberry Wine):
High quality Korean black raspberries are pulped then fermented and aged for at least a year to make Bohae Bokbunja. As the most renowned and popular brand of Bokbunja in Korea, Bohae Bokbunja is also often used for official events in Korea in place of red wine. The wine has an intense aroma and rich flavour, and goes well with grilled seafood or even on its own.

Bohae Matchsoon Plum Wine:
Made from a selection of the finest Korean plums, Matchsoon Plum Wine creates the enriched mysterious aroma of the fruit while matured for 5 years in the land of the morning calm. It is regularly consumed for its great taste as well as its medical benefits. Matchsoon Plum Wine is said to provide skin protection as well as fatigue relief. It can be consumed with fresh seafood or even on its own!

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