Fruit Wine Set

A unique set
of all 3 fruit wines

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Try all 3 types of fruit wines and savour their delicious flavours!

Naebyeonsan Bokbunja:
High quality Korean black raspberries, grown in the sea breezes of the west coast, are pulped then fermented and aged for at least a year to make Naebyeonsan Bokbunja. The wine has an intense aroma and rich flavour, and is enjoyed in many countries around the world.

Buan Mulberry Wine:
Buan Mulberry wine is fermented and aged for at least 6 months for a smooth, sweet and unique mulberry flavour that will appeal to a variety of palettes. This wine has received the liquor quality certification from the director of the national tax service in Korea.

Dongjin Wild Grapes Wine:
The finest wild grapes are pulped then fermented and aged for at least a year in Jinan, home of wild grapes, to make Dongjin wild grapes wine. The unique aroma and flavour of this wild grapes wine makes it a popular choice amongst wine enthusiasts. It has also received the Liquor Quality Certification from the director of the National Tax Service.

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