Soju Set

A unique set
of 4 soju

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Chamisul Soju

1 x Chamisul Soju

Volume: 360 ml Alcoholic content: 17.8%

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Chumchurum Soju

1 x Chumchurum Soju

Volume: 360 ml
Alcoholic content: 17.5%

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C1 Blue soju

1 x C1 Blue Soju

Volume: 360 ml
Alcoholic content: 18%

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C1 Grapefruit Soju

1 x C1 Grapefruit Soju

Volume: 360 ml Alcoholic content: 14%

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Can’t decide which soju to take? Try all 4 types!

Also known as Korean vodka, it has a very smooth taste. It’s a clear distilled liquor made from rice and the most popular type of alcoholic drink in Korea.

Chamisul Soju:
Chamisul fresh Soju is known for its cleanliness perfected through natural methods.
Only 100% natural ingredients are used and impurities and other residual grains are purified through bamboo charcoal filtering, providing a clean and fresh flavor.
It is the top selling soju in the Seoul metropolitan area in Korea.

Chumchurum Soju:
Chum-Churum is made using alkali regenerated water and thus produces less of a hangover, the company claims. Water particles are very small and it feels very “soft” when swallowing the liquor. Chum-Churum is based in Gangwon-do Province and it is the second best-selling soju in Seoul and Gangwon-do.

C1 Blue Soju:

This C1 Blue soju is made with 100% natural bedrock water. It also won a Bronze Award at the International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) and received the Grand Prize of [2015 Korea Liquor Award]. Known for its natural, smooth and clean after taste, this C1 Blue soju is the top selling soju in Busan, Korea.

C1 Grapefruit Soju:
This grapefruit flavored soju is very fruity and smooth. It’s a little sweeter and not as harsh as regular soju, with alcoholic content at 14%. A very enjoyable drink for any occasions.
The perfect blend of slim grapefruits and clean Isul(dew) allows everyone to enjoy the refreshing taste.

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