Thank you for your all support, our April food expo was a success!

Here’s one day before the expo, all getting ready! With Anthony posing as a potential customer. Thanks so much to him for helping us with the set up, for lending us the chiller box and getting us the GIANTIC LED panel! Couldn’t have managed all those without his kind assistance 🙂korean wine food expo

On actual Food expo day. JJ was our best promoter, he’s committed and busy the whole day serving customers! Here’s our GIGANTIC LED panel featuring videos of our products application. Here’s one showing the various ways to enjoy our Feliz Green Tea almond spread ^^korean wine food expo

Entrance of food expo. It opens at 11am but people have already started queueing outside at 10.45am! Not shown here because we were busy setting up, not taking pictures.korean wine food expo

Here’s our Sejong makgeolli manufacturer being featured in a Korean news documentary video. We are the exclusive distributor for Sejong makgeolli in Singapore. Their makgeolli is good stuff! Really thick, rich and authentic. Of course, price comes with a bit of premium but it’s really worth it! korean wine food expo It’s really crowded at food expo. JJ could bearly rest!korean wine food expo

We tried selling Kimchi for the first time at food expo. Response was great! Customers tried our Kimchi samples and loved it. These Kimchi are freshly made just the day before at a central kitchen in Singapore who supplies Kimchi to Korean restaurants here. Taste is stronger and less sour than those you tasted in Korea, as it’s slightly modified to local taste. Which is great, because many customers feedbacked that taste is great. We personally prefer this “local taste” too. But rest assured that ingredients and recipes are from authentic Korean chefs here!

Because this Kimchi is made solely for Korean restaurants supply, they are not sold in mainstream supermarkets. We are glad to partner with them to have them freshly packed for Expo sales. If you ask me where you can get those Kimchi after the food expo? I’m sorry, they are only available at Food expo to maintain the freshness and quality. We will have them at 26-30May 2017 Food expo too! Mark your dates and our booth at Expo Hall 4, booth SA33!korean wine food expo

Here’s a morning crowd for a liquor booth XDkorean wine food expo

Yes, you saw it. We had the famous Honey butter snacks series and Ramen there as well. One lady who is a teacher bought a lot of them for her grandchildren visiting from France. Their whole family loves those snacks! Unfortunately, we won’t have them at May food expo. But we’ll have Korean vinegar, the Ahjumas’ favourite! So many times Ahjumas came to our booth, saw our vinegar-looking-fruit-wines and asked, “are these fruit vinegar?” Sorry Aunties, they aren’t Korean fruit vinegars.. BUT we’ll have it at May food expo at superb promo price!!korean wine food expo

Here’s what you can expect at our booth at Food Expo for the regular items: Super promo for our Korean green tea spread, Korean makgeolli, soju, beer and fruit wines! Best part, free sampling before you buy!geonbae korean wine food expo promogeonbae korean wine food expo promo Soju shot glasses and makgeolli bowls read to give away upon minimum purchase!!geonbae korean wine food expo promo

Best highlight of Apr Food expo, 972FM radio DJ Violet dropped by our booth and gave us a special radio air time for our promotion! She tried our Feliz Green Tea Almond Spread and loved it so we gave her 1 for free! Really grateful for her to come by and gave that radio feature ^^korean wine food expo

Would you like to hear the radio feature? I’ve recorded it for good! hehe. Click play below to listen to our short promo feature on FM972 ^^

That’s all folks. Look out for our next Food Expo, probably the last one we are having this year.
See you there!!
25-30May 2017, 11am-10pm
@Expo Hall 4, Booth SA33

Promo highlights:
Food expo promo