Alcohol Wholesale Singapore

Alcohol Distributor & Supplier in Singapore

We offer distribution to your restaurants, bars, supermarket and corporate events at wholesale price.

If you would like to buy Makgeolli or Soju at wholesale price in Singapore, or Korean Fruit Wines or Korean Beer at wholesale price in Singapore, please feel free to contact us! F&B outlets, resellers and Corporate events etc are welcome!

Products and Brands available for Corporate/wholesale pricing in Singapore:
– Sejong Makgeolli: Premium Icheon, Chestnut, Hallabong
– Jinro Soju: Chamisul, Jinro Grapefruit Soju, Jinro Green Grape Soju, Jinro Plum Soju, Jinro Strawberry Soju
– Bohae Bokbunja (Raspberry wine), Plum wine
– Jinsim Ginseng wine
– Scotch Blue Whiskeys
– Hite beer: Quartz, Pint, Can
– Cass beer: Quartz, Pint, Can
– Matcha / Green Tea Spreads: Osulloc, Feliz premium, Feliz almond


We handle export to neighbouring countries as well, for Korean F&B products not limited to above. Just drop us an email, we’ll answer your sourcing needs.


For further enquiries, email us at [email protected].