Sejong Chestnut Makgeolli

Sejong Chestnut Makgeolli

Volume: 750 ml
Alcohol content: 6%



This chestnut-flavoured makgeolli from Sejong Breweries has a rich nutty flavour and a fragrant aroma. Its distinctiveness made it an official beverage in presidential functions and won it numerous awards.

Health benefits: Contains Lactobacillus bacteria and dietary fiber which can aid digestion, improve immune function and slow the ageing process.

Food pairing: Tastes great on its own. It can also be paired with hot, spicy food especially when chilled.

Korean chestnut


Feature on TheSundayTimes:

Chestnut makgeolli feature on TheSundayTimes_20141012

1 review for Sejong Chestnut Makgeolli

  1. Sophie

    Very fragrant, my favorite makgeolli!

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